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Law of momentum conservation with counting relativistic time slowdown

Based on law of momentum conservation, total momentum is equal to zero. However what is happening with photon when it emitted from sun and it finish its own traveling time on Earth? Based on theory of relativity, the time is slowing down around massive objects. The photon is emitted from Sun will change it’s own […]

Can deformations of time-space continuum violates law of momentum conservation?

Based on Einstein’s theory of relativity a mass as property of physical objects creates deformation of time-space continuum. Therefore the light path bends in gravitational fields of massive objects. However, for reference system of light this bent path looks like straight path. This effect called as gravitational lens. Based on this effect, the light changes […]

Entropy Engine

It is known that the electron motion generates a magnetic field. The constant motion of the electron in the orbit of the atom can be called a single source of the magnetic field. It is also known that the permanent magnet can be replaced by an electromagnet, which is connected to a constant electric current […]

Switch Theory

Interactions closed systems through changes of physical properties of objects. As is known in the closed mechanical system, forces are in equilibrium state. Any closed mechanical system follows the law of conservation of energy. Consider a system consisting of a magnet attracting the ferromagnetic object through the spring strapped to the wall. The object may […]

Взаимодействие связанных замкнутых систем через изменяемые физические свойства объектов. (Switch theory)

Как известно в замкнутой(в данном случае не изолированной) механической системе силы(внутренние силы в замкнутой системе) находятся в равновесном состоянии. Соответственно выполняется закон сохранения энергии. Рассмотрим систему состоящую из магнита притягивающего тело закреплённое через пружину к к стене. Тело может нагреваться изнутри нагревательным элементом. Предположим, что тепло не излучается. На тело закреплённое через пружину на штанге […]

Global warming – another factor of slowing rotation of the Earth

According to “leap second” on June 30 2015, the scientists have a few explanations why earth is slowing rotation, like tidal friction and changes in mantle convection. However, they are not include another explanation – a global warming. Polar ice is melting and it’s increasing global sea level, therefore this process is changing the earth’s […]