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Could be dark matter is just an anisotropic spacetime fabric?

Simple idea. Based on physical observations something has gravity interraction only. However, if spacetime fabric is anisotropic then some locations will have time delay what will cause the gravity property. Also, It will be transparent for electromagnetic waves and will have gravity perturbation without any objects. Just because spacetime is anisotropic in universe. Is any […]

Stream of light as part of dark matter.

Based on theory of relativity the photon has a relativistic mass. Also, based on theory of gravity everything with mass creates a gravitational field disturbance. Based on these two theories the stream of light creates a gravitational field disturbance. However this stream could be detected as electromagnetic wave only in one direction. Therefore other observers, […]

Thermo-Engine or other point of view to energy production with low temperature deviation

At this moment, to obtain energy is using conversion one form of energy into another. It can be energy of natural processes (flow of rivers, tides, waves, wind, geothermal processes, etc.) as well as chemical and nuclear. The amount of energy with certain efficiency is converted to the required electricity. The efficiency ratio of these […]